Images of the Week


Breathtaking image by Iranian photographer Arash Ashkar.


Daring Canadian photographer Tom Ryaboi snaps the Toronto skyline from the top of skyscrapers. He is one of the pioneers of “rooftopping”, which sees rooftoppers scale tall buildings to take pictures of the streets below.
To snap these breathtaking photographs, he often has to evade security guards, dogs and even urban falcons defending their nests.


Living on the shore of Lake Ontario, just east of Toronto, photographer Matt Molloy has daily encounters with brilliant sunsets and cloudscapes. He recently created a gorgeous series of sky images by stacking multiple photos onto one.


The annual Tarragona human tower competition – in pictures.
The 24th annual castells competition took place in Tarragona, Spain. Castells, a Catalan tradition believed to date back to the 18th century, are human towers of up to 10 “people-storeys” high, usually with a small child placed at the top. Each year several hundred people fill the streets to witness the towering achievement.


Gordon McBryde is a London based photographer and creative re-toucher.


Brent Stirton is a Senior Photographer for Getty Images, based in New York. His award-winning work has been widely recognized for its powerful depiction of issues related to conflict, health and environmental issues. He is known for his alternative approaches.


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