Emma, my rescue dog

Emma is my dog. She is a rescue dog. This adorable, tiny and delicate creature  was found in the street.
She was adopted by us in one Shelter in San Jose – California.

It is very fulfilling to save a life and watch it blossom and flourish with love, care, appreciation, and respect.

She is a bag of bones, 5 pounds of life..2 kg. of life

The Top 5 Benefits of Adopting a Pet

1.- You’ll save a life

2.- You’ll save money

3.- You’ll receive a healthy pet (pets from shelters and adoption agencies are almost always spayed or neutered, and have received their vaccinations as well and free food for your home)

4.-  You won’t be supporting puppy mills Many pets that are sold in pet stores or newspaper ads sometimes come from puppy mills. Puppy mills are mass dog-breeding businesses that are harmful to the health of their bred puppies.

5.- You’ll have a large selection because pet adoption agencies and animal shelters have many pets, there is a wide selection for you to choose from.


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