Becoming Vegan

I want to demonstrate my compassion for animals, caring for the environment and take care of myself.

I just stopped eating animals, I can’t take it any more. I watched one documentary called “Vegucated”.  This film can change your life in so many positive ways; it’s truly a must-see. My entire way of thinking about the food has changed.

I can’t ignore the inhumane treatment of animals that are born into this world for the purpose of being raised, slaughtered, and sold as food for human consumption,

I never liked meat. I can eat a lot of products without contributing to the slaughter of our animals.

Please be compassionate, kind and open your eyes..


2 thoughts on “Becoming Vegan

    • Everyone should see this film. it caused a great impact on me, I have taken a very extreme decision.I can’t eat more meat and drink cow milk..You can rent it in Netflix.Moreover there are a lot of veggie products in the market and I love them. Si decides ver el documental, te adelanto que es muy duro y sabiendo lo sensibles que eres, preparate para sufrir, pero es necesario saber lo que pasa y lo que todo el proceso produce al medio ambiente, el criar y consumir carne animal provoca un terrible deterioro del medio ambiente. Un beso


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